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Our clothes are made with the cooperation with Torun, experienced sewing workshop and polish embroidery labs and printing houses. Common conviction that there are no impossible things allows us to create unique clothes in order to show the children how happily they can walk to world of fashion.

PAVONADA is a fashion-artistic brand combining the highest quality with art and deep passion and knowledge of textles, taking care of every detail and believing that beauty should be a complement of functionality. The brand’s products are created in ethical conditions, using authorial fabrics with international certificates and premium finishes, giving them unique softness and lightness.

PAVONADA means original prints, graphics and embroidery, full of colours and passion to create for the youngest. Most of our clothes are made from bamboo fabric, which we love for its properties. It is heat-insulating, anti-static and absorbs moisture three times better than cotton. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics love it, and most importantly our small clients too. The bamboo fabric is extremely delicate and doesn’t irritates skin. All of our fabrics have international safety certificates.

PAVONADA is a combination of art and knowledge, that we have acquired over the years. Our prints and embroidery are created by fashion designer Ada Płachetko - a graduate of Warsaw Fashion Department at Academy of Fine Arts and the foundress of the brand. Working with fabrics and our constant drive to self-improvment is what makes us unique in childrens fashion market.
We strongly believe that there should be a place for art in children’s fashion concurrently with comfort and functionality of clothes. It is the world of children that is a source of the most wonderful inspirations to create and it reminds us how beautiful it is to dream. Our passion is to tell a story about this world by our authorial textiles, print designs and embroidery.
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