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PAVONADA is a Polish children's brand founded by Ada Płachetko. Ada is a graduate of Warsaw Fashion Department at Academy of Fine Arts, and she finished the designing program at Instituto Marangoni in Milan. She also worked as a designer for Reserved- a well-known brand in Europe. She gained useful experience in fabrics production at the biggest European producers, titled at the trade shows such as Premiere Vision. 

Because of the passion for creating clothes for children, in 2017 the brand called PAVONADA was founded. They really believe that beauty should be a complement of functionality, and that is why their clothes combine supreme quality with authorial prints. All that is based on knowledge of textiles, passion, and attention to the details.

Their products have been sold since 2018, always in ethical conditions with the respect for all rights of the employees at the Polish family sewing company. The brand cooperates with Polish producers of fabrics, and thanks to that they achieve the uniqueness of Pavonada’s products. The majority of clothes are made of bamboo fabric, which is the favourite material of the brand because of the thermoregulatory and anti-static traits. The bamboo makes the product extremely soft and safe even for the most sensitive skins and absorbs moisture three times better than cotton. Moreover, the fabric is beneficial for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. The brand has their own patent for the premium finishing of every piece in their collection, which makes the clothes even softer. 

PAVONADA’s goal is to show children how to walk into the world of fashion with the smile on their faces, but with comfort remaining. The practical approach of the brand is seen in the oversized cut of the majority of clothes, which makes the products suitable for at least 3 seasons. 

In 2019, the brand was rewarded by the European Union, and thanks to that, since the beginning of 2020, they could start their expansion abroad and exporting actions.  Then, they had their brand presented at the trade show in Paris which resulted in appearing at stores worldwide. 

PAVONADA tells a story and encourages every child to listen to it by touching the fabrics, wearing the one-print sets, and matching the products together. Pavonada inspires through its authorial prints, graphics, embroidery, and the overall image of the whole collection. Simply said, Pavonada means supreme quality combined with unique prints to obtain softness and comfort that each child loves.